Privacy policy

The information on the website has been collected and collated by the owner and the team of researchers. Honesty and confidentiality has been observed as necessary.

The accuracy and validity of the collected information has been clearly stated and largely depends on the sources. The information collected here is corporate in nature and therefore not personal as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act of 1998. The information collected and displayed on this website is intended for the public good and we therefore encourage feedback that will make it even more useful.

If you supply us with an Email address, We will initially contact you with a single message, this will contain an unsubcribe link. will adhere to cease contact if you opt out. Please bear in mind, if you leave our website and make a booking with a cruise supplier, you will have the opportunity to opt in or out of their own marketing campaigns. will not share your email address or personal details with any third party company or any companies that we are affiliated with.

When making looking or making a booking with a third party website, please ensure you familiarise yourself with their privacy statement which will come into effect when you visit them.

A J Skinner - Owner